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I have decided to make public the fundamental key of Creation, a well-kept secret for more than 2500 years.

The reader must keep in mind that even though this discovery may be very simple, it has taken 20 years of research and analysis of nearly 70 texts of the Old Testament in Hebrew with no guarantee of success.

I succeeded to discover the deciphering process that gives access to a forgotten unknown science with exceptional properties, thanks to a long experience and research in the properties of numbers and traditional cyclic arithmetic whose foundations date back to Ancient India.

For the moment I reveal only the beginning, the key to the treasure, the rest will come…

I ask the reader to donate with a generosity that matches the extent of this revelation that has required efforts and investments beyond limit, without assistance and outside all organizations. This will permit the continuation of my work and its dissemination.

Thanks to those who at one time or another have provided their support and encouragement.
Jacques Roux

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